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Ghosts of the Near Future, 2011

The uncertainty of the future is forever haunting in these times of climate change. The waters are rising, people are moving and lives are merging. In this installation, the underwater ghosts are a figurative combination of human and animal to reflect the drowning and dislocation of identity amid the shifting shoreline. The caged ghosts, kept captive in a menagerie of the future, reflect the futility of containing and controlling the abounding anxieties. These ethereal beings that emerge from the deluge are the survivors in a scenario of adaptation and hybridity.

Floating with Sharks, 2011

The seas are rising and in this watery world there are no marauding barbarians, lawless scavengers or lowcast hybrids. Just shark whisperers, frollicking water-pigs and regular folk taking the fish for a walk. Its eccentric times in a world of shifting sands. Don't be afraid of the shift.


Click Fetish, 2009 (6:38min)

Our increasingly intimate relationship with technology continues to merge the real and the digital as we search for popularity on facebook, commodities on ebay and affection on The coveted and fetishized computer gadgets extend us to a place where we google our desires and perform our fabricated private lives. 'Click Fetish' expresses the insatiable manual pleasure of the mouse-driven search for novelty and fantasy. It represents a blurring of spaces where the undesired can augment their reality and where the mundane becomes titillation. Our seduction, however, into the utopia of harmless, anonymous fun comes unstuck and dulled by the inescapable abjection of reality.


Home Stay, 2009 (6:32min)

In a post-jet age world, we are left with a longing for other places. Our only choice of travel, though, is a tour at home amongst the memorabilia of past voyages or places we have only seen online. It's a home full of souvenirs that represent the exotic of elsewhere. This video was made in collaboration with Anna Tautfest for the online residency Transit Lounge '09.


Version Tours, 2006 (4:30 min)

Rejecting meaningless and arbitrary definitions, this video explores identity as a matrix of updatable versions. Our adventurer embarks on an online voyage to reshape ideas of identity. But, beware of shonky tour operators and their backyard javascript. There's no telling what will happen to our adventuresome gal.



Wallflower, 2005 (4:00 min)

When I felt Mum's hand touching my shoulder- was it real or just something in my head? I will never know. This video explores grief as an 'inbetween' state where the boundary between here and there is blurred.






Tom Goes Digital - pt3, 2003 (3:21 min)